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Updated: January 19, 2015
Rangers now have 2 active fan ownership schemes that allow contributions from overseas from as little as £5 a month. They are both very easy to set up and it should only take 5-10 minutes maximum.
They are Rangers First & Buy Rangers (Ran by the Rangers Supporters Trust). Both schemes involve purchasing shares in Rangers, so have a look at both websites and decide which one you feel more aligned to, or if you like sign up for both.


Buy Rangers  http://www.therst.co.uk/buy-rangers/

Both schemes have seen a huge upsurge in members just in the last month, with both looking to breach the 5,000 member mark in the coming days.
There has also been a number of high profile fans & ex-players join either or both schemes too such as:
Richard Gough has joined both Buy Rangers as well as Rangers First.


Both Jorg Albertz and Claudio Reyna are both life members of the Rangers First Club 1872, which involves a one-off £500 contribution. (ORSA is a 1872 life member).

Scottish Commonwealth athlete Lynsey Sharp joined the RST last week:
Golfer Alastair Forsyth has joined up to both schemes:
Hong Kong RSC member George Taylor of “The 3 Bears” is also a member of both schemes and has publicly backed fan ownership.
So please spend a little bit of time to look at the schemes and sign up to at least one, if not both.
If anyone has any specific questions both organisations are great at responding to questions on twitter if you can’t find what you need from their respective websites .
It is vitally important we keep the momentum going on this, so once you are sorted, please help spread the word to you family & friends and encourage them to get on board too!
This is all about strength in numbers and a chance to show that we really are the people!

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  1. george clark

    April 3, 2015 at 12:26 pm

    greetings from glasgow…great to see you guys pushing the fan ownership groups ive joined the rangers first group myself we now have 13400 people contributing and more joining every day….keep up the good work..

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