AGM 2013 – Flights

Updated: March 23, 2013
Plans are progressing for the ORSA Convention at the end of May. If anyone has any friends or family that are considering coming over for it, now might be the time to book flights and accommodation as many airlines are offering some good post New Year sales. For Bears in the Asia Pacific and Oceania region, Air Asia are about to launch a flight Sale on the 15th January, so only a few days away. This is a great opportunity for some cheap flights to Hong Kong. Details can be found here: those in the UK, we’ve had word of some great deals just now on
Flights and accommodation for 2, staying at the Cosmopolitan Hotel) one of the hotels we recommend) from the 20th to the 27th May for a total of £683 per person.
The Cosmo hotel is even cheaper and right next door at £664 per person.
We have already had confirmation from the tournament organisers that both the Rangers Youth & Masters teams have been officially invited and both have accepted. The Goalie is in charge of putting the Masters team together and if the names he has mentioned already come through, then no one will be disappointed. We are honestly talking about a team of legends!
With this all in place now we are really going to push on the advertising of this event as we try and raise the profile of our event to as close as we can to the NARSA convention.
For this we have threads on Follow Follow & Rangers Media, we have also launched an official Facebook page for the Event:
Full details of the actual event can be found on the Hong Kong RSC website:
On the above link, we have details of what we have lined up, a link to a event map with recommended hotels, so it’s a good resource.